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emma grant williams

Hi, I'm Emma Grant Williams. 
I'm a performer & natural light photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

I'm also a highly sensitive soul, introvert, tea drinker, mum to a "spirited" five year old, and lover of storytelling.

Photography has always fascinated me, but over the last decade I had the opportunity to work with some big camera brands and present them on live TV.  As is the case with live TV, sometimes (often), things go wrong: our camera experts fell sick or got stuck in traffic, and I stepped in as their last minute replacement!  I was able to try different cameras out, learn new styles, and discover the art of storytelling through the lens.  I was hooked.

While the form of storytelling may change, all my work has the desire to light people up: to make them feel good, to inspire and to move them.  I love watching people talk about something or someone they’re passionate about: their faces change, their eyes brim with sparkling light, and their energy becomes infectious.

This is what I search for in my photography – to find what lights you up, and help you share your unique presence with the world.  Far beyond physical beauty, when we glimpse the light of someone’s soul, we are changed forever.  That’s why I love to photograph people – seeing that inner light is mesmerising.

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
~ Carl Jung

Our Co-creation

Every time I have the privilege to photograph someone, I bring a fresh and curious approach.  My focus is on understanding and communicating the essence of a moment, person or brand.  From here, we work together to co-create an environment that invites genuine connection so that your images sparkle.

As a performer, I also get what it’s like to stand in front of a camera.  I’ll make sure you look and feel your best – from guidance on wardrobe, hair and makeup artist recommendations right through to gently directing you in poses that flatter you.  We take our time so you can feel comfortable and confident  – and create portraits you’ll love.

You can learn more about my headshots, personal branding here. If you have a special project or request, please contact me.