One of the greatest joys in my job is learning about the people I photograph: what lights them up, who and what they love, and their thoughts about life.  

Although a single photo can say so much, this journal is an opportunity to share more with you about my clients and my work.  It could be little behind the scenes moments, parts of their story or background, favourite images from the day, or aspects of their unique light that really shone through.  You’ll also find my latest news, stories and celebrations from behind the lens of Your Inner Light Photography.

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Penelope Simmonds, branding photography

Penelope Simmonds

Penelope Simmonds is a Sydney-based physiotherapist and body psychotherapist, who supports her clients holistically.

Branding Photography for Healers

Alysia Samperi

Alysia Samperi is a lightworker full of infectious enthusiasm for life, and from the moment we first connected, I could feel her passion. I knew that we had to create images that captured her unique magic, joy and energy.

Taliyah Wilson

Openness is such a beautiful quality in any human, but especially so in an actor. Taliyah Wilson has it in abundance.

Brett Robin Wood

Brett Robin Wood is a singer/songwriter, coach & facilitator, creating acoustic music to gently reflect our humanity & replenish the soul.

Ryan Yeates

Ryan Yeates has been dancing, singing and acting pretty much since he was born. And while many Aussie kids grew up with The Wiggles on TV, Ryan literally grew up with The Wiggles.

Madi Du Plessis

Madi Du Plessis is an actor, writer and director, with an ethereal sensitivity and a rich inner life. Step into an otherworldly realm in our shoot today.

Kristen Jackson, Wealth House Branding shoot

Wealth House

Ex-Broadway stage manager turned real estate agent Kristen Jackson is helping homeowners build the lives of their dreams with the launch of Wealth House.

Sofan Chan, The Wildflower Sessions Personal Branding

Sofan Chan & The Art of Happiness

When you step into the wonderful world of artist, poet and author Sofan Chan, it’s hard not to smile. Sofan’s love of vibrant colour, joy and spirituality fuse into the most engaging and energising art.

Portrait sessions, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Vanessa & The Wildflowers

With only two weeks to go before The Wildflower Sessions begin, I stepped into the meadow with Vanessa Madrid to explore some creative possibilities. Here are some of my favourite moments from our shoot.