Sydney Actor Alana Birtles headshot review

Alana Birtles

Alana Birtles is a Sydney actor with a wealth of theatre credits under her belt.  In such a volatile industry, she continues to carve out a name for herself (even amidst a pandemic!) working across Shakespeare, self-devised and indie theatre.

We’ve worked together a few times now, and I always love our time together.  When you first meet her, Alana is so open, warm and kind – her million watt smile is compelling and contagious – but there’s also a strength and maturity that shines through.  We played around with this beautiful emotional range and I so appreciate her willingness to be vulnerable and share different aspects of herself in our shoot.  She also recently shaved her head to raise money for charity, and so we thought it would be fun to capture her new look. 

Alana generously shared a bit about her experience shooting together:

“I really love my photos.  It was a lot of fun and Emma made me feel so comfortable when I was initially very awkward and self-conscious, and I think that shows in the photos, so thank you!”

It was such a pleasure to work/play together.  Enjoy this window into a beautiful soul.

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