Alysia Samperi

Alysia Samperi

Alysia Samperi is full of infectious enthusiasm for life. From the moment we first connected, I could feel her passion and joy.  I knew that we had to create images that captured her unique magic, energy and sparkle.

Branding Photography for Lightworkers

Alysia needed a complete branding photography collection to support her new healing business, which includes the creation of her new website and content for her social media.  So we began by exploring how she came to start her new business, who her clients are, the energy she wants to convey and how she wants them to feel when they work with her.

Once we understand that, it’s easy to get specific about the kinds of shots required (especially important when you’re considering website and social media usage), and the more technical aspects of our shoot.  I always feel like we need to start from the inside-out, so that every choice is aligned with the core of you and your work.

Alysia’s Sunrise Golden Hour Photoshoot

I have to say, I’m not generally a morning person.  There was a solid stretch of time where my spirited son would wake up every day at 4.40am and we would start our day in darkness.  It felt particularly brutal to this night owl, especially as he also woke constantly through the night!  But the sunrises… amazing. It’s such a special time of reflection and inspiration as the darkness gives way to the dawn, and light plays in a new and fresh way.

It was worth braving the chilly autumn morning air for the incredible clear skies we were blessed with.  Enjoy stepping into Alysia’s world of beauty, love and joy.

These images are from my Personal Branding for Lightworkers offering.

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