Ami Karlsson

“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”

~ Bessel van der Kolk, The Body Keeps The Score


Ami Karlsson is a Somatic Intimacy Coach who works with individuals, couples and groups to facilitate emotional release, enhanced intimacy and connection.  With a childhood of dance and movement, Ami trained in massage therapy before moving into chemical engineering.  After many years, Ami’s life experiences brought her to a turning point that forced her to make a change.  

Meditation, tantra and bodywork helped her to reconnect to herself, leading her to greater joy, energy and purpose.  She now specialises in emotional release work and somatic intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, sharing her connection, communication touch tools to help others release emotions and deepen their relationships.


Storytelling Branding Photography – The Healing Journey

I’m always curious about people’s life paths, especially when it leads them to doing what they love.  Working with healers, I’ve noticed some  common elements in their life path.  They often:
  • experience glimmers of their innate talents and gifts at an early age
  • may set out on a corporate or more structured career path, many times requiring a left-brained approach to their work
  • experience some sort of catalyst – for example, a health crisis, burnout, exhaustion or dissatisfaction – that inspires, or forces them to do things differently
  • begin to explore new approaches to healing and finding joy and purpose in their lives. These often incorporate their innate talents that may have been lying dormant for many years.
  • feel moved to share their lived experiences and healing modalities with others to serve and uplift them.
In our branding session, we wanted to not only capture the many ways that Ami works in her sessions, but also parts of her own healing journey that are echoed by many of the clients she sees.  We wanted to create an entire suite images for Ami’s website and social content that illustrate her story and share her offerings with warmth, respect and compassion.
Enjoy this glimpse into Ami’s world,

These images are from my Branding Photography for Healers offering.

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