Join me as we step through the doors of Clovelly institution, Chinaclay.

Chinaclay is a floral studio and ceramics gallery tucked away in a colourful, character-filled street in Clovelly, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.  Florist Celia Crawford and her husband Andrew took over the existing ceramics business in 2016, adding flowers to their offerings, and becoming a local’s favourite.

There are many things I love about creating Personal Branding photoshoots.  Firstly, I get to help small businesses and entrepreneurs shine.  I also get to learn and be inspired by their resilience and creativity in life’s challenges.  In early 2020, when so many businesses began to flounder in the pandemic, Celia adapted, home delivering flowers and ceramic gifts.  I can only imagine the joy these little bundles of beauty must have brought in lockdown!  People could still appreciate simple pleasures like a posy of flowers or drinking tea from a handmade cup.  I wanted to capture these details; the love, thoughtfulness and joy of creativity in our shoot together.  


Our Branding Shoot Day

 Just metres from Clovelly beach, Chinaclay has a beautiful coastal vibe: sea-foam green walls, soft whites and natural timber floors creating a light an airy feeling, while vibrant flowers and clusters of curated ceramics are tantalisingly touchable.   After a week of rain (we’re talking biblical proportions), the sun suddenly came out, and we wasted no time making hay! 

It’s always fascinating to see what emerges during our shoot.  As I chatted with Celia and fellow florist Lydia (a hilarious double act!), our conversation turned to living in sync with the seasons.  I ventured into the shop’s “back room” and discovered cascade of upended dried flowers framing the window!  Celia explained that she hangs blooms to dry throughout the year and at Christmas, creates made-to-order wreaths.  I love this connection to our cyclical nature, slow living and seasonal handcrafted creations.

Celia shared these kind words about our branding photography session:

“Emma was absolutely wonderful to work with for this shoot.  She truly took the time to get to know what makes our little business tick, and the resulting photos are testament to this.  Emma, thank you for your hard work and representing Chinclay so authentically.  You’re an absolute star.”

Enjoy stepping into the enchanting world of Chinaclay,

These images are from my new offering, Personal Branding for Creatives, Healers & Empaths.

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