MAFS Christie Jordee

Christie Jordee

Christie Jordee is in possession of an infectious energy: warm, bubbly, open and creative, photographing her was a joy.  Christie would be a familiar face to many, having appeared in the second Australian season of Married At First Sight, although in more recent years she’s spent some on the other side of the camera, as well as running her businesses and DJ-ing in her spare time!

Since leavings MAFS, Christie has moved into TV producing, and running a small business.  She now looks back on her time in reality TV with disbelief at how exposing and stressful the experience was.  It was lovely to work with Christie to create a fresh start.

Christie’s early dance background beautifully informed our shoot together, playing with shapes and movement as we photographed between the studio and location in one of my favourite seaside nooks. I so appreciated the playfulness we could bring to this session; it enlivens the whole experience so that the images we create feel so engaging.

Christie shared these beautiful words about our shoot:

“I really wanted a real, natural, relaxed headshot, but as I’m not used to being in front of the cameras, Emma had her work cut out for her.  She made me feel so at ease, and you see that in my photos.

The other thing I LOVED is no flashes, all natural lighting and out-and-about in the local neighbourhood with brilliant textured backgrounds.  Totally would recommend!”

Enjoy this joyful portrait collection of Christie Jordee,

These images are from my Headshot Collection.

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