Branding shoot with violinist Claire Herrick

Claire Herrick

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." Plato

Claire Herrick is a celebrated Australian violinist who’s passionate about igniting people’s love of music.  After graduating from the VCA in Melbourne, she studied at the Sydney Conservatorium before heading to Salzburg.  She has since appeared as a soloist with – among many others – the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music Australia, Auckland Philharmonia and is now first violin in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

I was so excited to create some magic with Claire!


Our Creative Branding Photoshoot

I loved the idea of creating movement with vibrant fabric, reflecting the way a musician (or actor, filmmaker and many other creatives) has breathe life into the sheet music to bring the page to the stage.  Claire managed to wrangle both the voluminous crimson skirt and her near-priceless concert violin with grace and elegance – all while fending off wolf-whistles from passing trucks.  The Hungry Mile at Barangaroo is such a richly textured location, not only for its beautiful sandstone and timber, but also for its importance in Australian history.  I thought it would be the perfect dramatic spot to co-create these images with Claire.

(It’s also got the most fascinating little quirks – like a staircase that’s been bricked up at either end, so floats as an almost ghostly apparition 2 metres above the ground, inaccessible to human feet and with no beginning or end – see if you can spot it here in Claire’s gallery!)

Enjoy these moments of freedom, joy and creation with Claire Herrick,


These images are from my Personal Branding for Creatives collection

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