Performer Damien Warren-Smith

Damien Warren-Smith

Damien Warren-Smith is an actor, comedian and creator of the multi award-winning character – and Fringe Festival favourite – Garry Starr.

After studying at Actors Centre Australia and working as an actor in our local industry, Damien moved to the UK, working in theatre and television, before moving to France to study at the prestigious clowning school Ecole Phillippe Gaullier.  In 2018, he debuted his one-man show – featuring his alter ego, Garry Starr – to international acclaim, including a sold-out season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Since then, he and Garry have travelled the world, with a string of accolades – including headlining in Vegas – behind them.  When the pandemic hit, Damien returned to Australia and created his second solo show Garry Starr: Greece Lightning.

If you’ve been fortunate to catch one of Damien’s/Garry’s shows, your cheeks would probably still be sore from laughing.  He’s madcap, unpredictable, inappropriate, surprising and chaotic, with an ability to seamlessly blend spontaneity, innocence, innuendo and command.  After winning Pick of the Fringe at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Damien arrived in Sydney for the weekend for the Sydney Comedy Festival, so we grabbed the chance to work together.


Creative Headshots Session

It’s always fascinating to discover the stories and themes that emerge during a photo shoot.  I was amazed, and slightly traumatised, to discover Damien is embarking on a six month world tour with one bag.  Not a huge backpacker’s bag: a normal-sized backpack.  As a chronic over-packer who once paid excess baggage at the start of my journey, I nearly broke out in hives.  He’s got less changes of clothes with him than days of the week!  (Though I’m told his laundry skills are impeccable).  But for Damien, it’s about creating voluntary simplicity in his life to enable ultimate creative freedom.

A clown has the ability to reflect humanity back to us in funny, surprising and often poignant ways.  So I felt it would be a beautiful complement to Garry’s chaos and naiveté to capture the wise soul/creator within Damien.  And an exceptional autumn day in Sydney meant that we could play with light and shade, warmth, strength, sensitivity and spontaneity.

Enjoy this collection of the beautiful soul that is Damien Warren-Smith.


These images are from my Actor Headshot Collection.

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