ballerina India Patten sitting on the floor in a tutu and leotard

India Patten

India Patten is an Australian actor who divides her time between Sydney and the US – and with credits including InterstellarGrey’s Anatomy, and CSI:NY, she’s a busy lady!  I knew of India’s ballet background and the silver lining of an extended lockdown here in Sydney meant we were finally able to grab some time together.

India has a delicate beauty (the most incredible skin), warmth and openness about her.  Ever the consummate professional. India even accommodated my request to hoist herself up onto a ledge in full Russian tutu – without breaking a sweat (or a bone) for a shot that’s become one of my favourites.  It was worth the sacrifice we (she) made for art!

India said of our time together:

“Working with Emma on a creative dance shoot was a delight! She utilized her tremendous talent and skills to capture moments within movement. Emma made use of the space, working with beautiful natural light.  I highly recommend Emma and her wonderful work.”

We were blessed with a divine space at Loft & Earth with an abundance of natural light to play with shapes, stories, movement and fluidity.  I wish we’d stayed all day as there are so many possibilities to explore in this gorgeous space.

Enjoy this beautiful collection of the beautiful soul that is India Patten – tripping the light fantastic!

This collection of images is from my newest offering, Personal Branding for Creatives, Healers & Empaths.

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