Into The Woods

Crystals and smudge sticks and oracles, oh my!

One of my most popular offerings, Branding Photography for Lightworkers, brings the most incredible souls into my world.   Venture into the woods with me for this mystical branding photoshoot.

Spiritual Branding Photography

For spiritual brands offering healing, support and inspiration – facilitating a connection to life’s bigger picture – authenticity is paramount.  Your website, social media and marketing imagery should reflect your unique energy, so that potential clients can see who they’re connecting with, and feel into what it’s like to work with you.

If you are a:
  • healer, coach, counsellor, astrologer, circle facilitator, mystic, 
  • bodywork practitioner, yoga teacher, masseuse, somatic therapist, or
  • someone who feels moved to share more of their spiritual selves with their world
 a spiritual branding photoshoot is custom-designed by me to help you share your gifts – and soul – with the world.
Join me as we venture into the mystical woods… where the ancient trees and waterways as much characters in the story as the gorgeous Sarie.

These images are from my Branding for Lightworkers offering.

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