Italiyah Wilson, Sydney headshot actor

Italiyah Wilson

Openness is such a beautiful quality in any human, but especially so in an actor.  There’s a certain kind of magic that unfolds when you see an actor taking a chance.  It’s like we hold our breath for them, as we watch them take flight. The results can be stunning.

What we often don’t see – behind the scenes – is the courage and risks actors take every day.  To audition, to make themselves vulnerable, to make creative choices and to continue pursuing their passion in the face of frequent rejection.  If you ever hit rock bottom in life, I’d recommend having an actor in your corner, because they bring such compassion, strength and the ability to hold space for other people.

Taliyah Wilson already knows a thing or two about resilience.  Growing up in Wellington and Whanganui, NZ, at the age of 14 she wanted to audition for the feature film Savage.  The casting director wasn’t interested.  She went along anyway while her sister auditioned, and Taliyah ended up getting the role of Lilly.  Five years later, she’s arrived in Sydney to develop her career.

Taliyah’s got a beautiful sensitivity and openness about her, and it was magical to be able to play together with different moods and stories in our headshot session.  She shared this about our time together:

“Amazing experience with Emma, she has a way of making you feel completely comfortable and confident within the first few minutes of meeting her, the calm energy during this experience is unmatched and I loved the outcome of the photos!”

Enjoy this highlights from my shoot with Taliyah Wilson,

These images are from my Actor Headshot Collection.

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