Joanna Touma Art

Joanna Touma is a Sydney-based abstract artist who incorporates paint, texture, movement and meditation to create art that speaks to the soul.

Like a lot of creative people, Joanna’s explored many forms of expression.  During the Covid lockdowns, painting emerged  emerge as her new art form.  She now creates one-of-a-kind pieces and commissions for clients around the world.  Each piece is almost sculptural in nature, with strong elemental energies that elicit a visceral, emotional response long before the mind catches up.


Our Personal Branding Shoot

The gift of Personal Branding photography is that you have someone to document the details of what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.  Some of these aspects may  be familiar to you: parts of your work you deal with every day and probably talk to your clients about.  But other unique facets of your work/creations are often overlooked.  It’s my job to help bring these out in our shoot, so we can create a vibrant, nuanced collection of images that communicate who you truly are.

When Joanna begins a new piece, she energetically cleanses herself and studio, then meditates.  She receives a lot of her inspiration through this meditation.  She may begin with a colour palette, a sense of movement, or a specific request from a client.  Her pieces are multi-layered, created over many days, weeks and even months until they feel complete.  Many of the processes are pain-staking, detailed and precarious to achieve, such as the pouring of resin, or crafting a pliable texture until it looks and feels just right.

It’s fascinating stepping into an artist’s studio.  Joanna’s is full of highly pigmented paints, inks, textured materials, beads, crystals and candles.  It’s a treasure trove of inspiration, and I was eager to capture all of this, to give her audience glimpses into her creative process, and to honour the incredible beauty of her pieces.

Joanna shared this about her experience shooting together:

“I was feeling nervous for this photo shoot ahead of time, but once I met with Emma, my mind was instantly put at ease. She was so lovely and made the day so relaxed and enjoyable. I was so impressed with the photos. There were so many beautiful photos, it was hard to choose which ones to keep!” 

Step into the mesmerising world of Joanna Touma Art,

These images are from my Personal Branding for Creatives Package

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