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Jon Sivewright

Jon Sivewright is an actor, presenter and… firefighter!  Such an interesting combo.  I find it fascinating when people’s work requires both sides of their brain, both logical and creative.  Prior to his acting work, he spent years working on the mines in WA, in fire and rescue, and some pretty harsh environments.  And while Jon’s worked across TV, film and theatre, most Home and Away fans would recognise him as Tony Holden, the long-running owner of the local gym in Summer Bay.  

Never short of an entertaining story, Jon is warm, irreverent, glib and quick-witted, but he’s also a deep thinker (true Gemini!) and I wanted to capture all of that in our photographs.  We shot in a beautiful hidden gem of an outdoor location in Sydney with rich weatherworn textures, sandstone and light that allowed us to move between moody, cool tones and a warmer, brighter atmosphere.

Enjoy a glimpse of our time together.

These images are from my Actor Headshots Collection.

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