Kristen Jackson & Wealth House

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

At first glance, you might think that working as a stage manager on Broadway has nothing do with renovating a home for profit.  But for Kristen Jackson, her years spent managing logistics, deadlines, budgets and performance stand her in good stead with her pre-sale renovation company, Wealth House.

After earning her stripes working in real estate in the US, she moved to Australia with her young family (and Aussie husband) and immersed herself in understanding the Australian real estate market.  She carved out a space where she could help homeowners and agents with pre-sale renovations designed to build wealth in their home and maximise their sale price.  Wealth House was born.

After creating the launch branding photography for Wealth House in 2023 (you can see our previous shoot here), it was a joy to collaborate with Kristen again, and see the fruits of her labours.  With Wealth House’s most recent renovation project hitting the real estate market this week, it was a perfect time to capture all her hard work and celebrate her progress.

Real Estate Branding Photoshoot

Any Sydney-sider will tell you that the real estate market is fiercely competitive and lifestyle is a major factor in many buyer’s minds.  Wealth House’s current Sandringham project focused on creating a luxurious, refined and relaxed environment to live and work. We wanted to capture all of these lifestyle details in our shoot.

My intention in every branding photoshoot is to first understand what you need to best tell your story and connect with your potential clients, and then create a suite of exclusive, branded imagery for you to have at your fingertips.  For Kristen, we wanted to update her headshots and capture her workflow and recent projects.  Many of the images we created in her previous shoot still work really well for her (yay!), so we wanted to harmonise with her existing branding to maximise her content.

Now she can use to freshen up her website, social media, print marketing and brand collabs.  We created both landscape (wide) and portrait (long, vertical) versions of headshots, work, lifestyle and room imagery that can be used across the desktop and mobile versions of her website plus social media.

Kristen shared a little about her experience of our branding shoot:

“I had a great experience with Emma and Your Inner Light Photography.  Emma asked really thoughtful questions so we’d get lots of shots to use in a variety of places. On the day of, she made me feel so comfortable. Not awkward at all. Plus, the results are fantastic. I definitely recommend her!”

Enjoy some of my favourite moments from my shoot with Kristen Jackson and Wealth House, 

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