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Lauren Falconer

"A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin." ~ Amy Tan

I first met Lauren Falconer more than a decade ago: I was teaching children’s relaxation classes at The LifePod – her gorgeous yoga studio housed in an airy old barn/loft in a Paddington laneway – where she was teaching yoga and supporting mothers-to-be as a doula.  Gradually we grew to know each other, with me even teaching her beautiful son.  Our paths intertwined again some years later when I returned to learn calmbirth prior to my own son’s arrival.

Originally a dancer and actor, Lauren is someone who’s always evolving – exploring new and ancient modalities, and stepping into new versions of herself and her work as they appear.  She has this beautiful softness and strength, openness and connection to her own wisdom.  Lauren supports women in some of their fiercest and most vulnerable rites of passage, describing herself thus:

“I’m a Mother, Integrated Life Mentor for women, Yogi, Meditator, Doula, Shamanic woman-crafter, and online course creator.  I support women in coming home to their own innate wisdom and knowing. Embracing what it is to be a fully embodied woman living in a modern world. I provide a soft space to land as you move through powerful transformation.”


Branding Photography for Lightworkers

I was so excited for our shoot together, and although I had a few ideas of images, the magic really arrived when we just let things flow.  Standing in Lauren’s lounge room, surrounded by beautiful flowers, books and crystals, Lauren started moving in a way that felt organic for her as I weaved around her to capture it.

Witnessing someone do something they love – with complete absorption and surrender – is just magical. I felt the air pressure change around us as Lauren moved into a beautiful flow. In fact, there were moments I wanted to stop and watch her in motion – but I’m so glad I kept shooting, because I love the ethereal “liquid light” we captured in our collaboration.


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