Lulu Quirk is living the dream of many actors.  Growing up on the Central Coast of NSW, she began acting, dancing and singing lessons as a child and began her professional career in musical theatre a decade ago.  Now based in Sydney, she’s recently appeared in Born to Spy, Barons, Just A Kid, Fly By Fun and Frayed.

When you meet Lulu, you instantly sense her warmth, intelligence and positive energy for her work.  Although she’s often playing younger, bubbly characters, she’s also getting the opportunity to play grungy, gritty characters – with a whole lot of relish.  So in our shoot together, we really wanted to capture all of these colours and nuances.

We talked a lot about authenticity, embracing who you are – and how important it is to hold onto that in any industry, but especially so in acting.  Lulu arrived to our shoot with the most amazing curly hair (I’m a Leo, so always notice a great mane!).  I was so surprised to find out that most of Lulu’s acting work so far has required her to have straight hair, so every time she gets into Hair & Makeup, she’s in for a full-on blow dry.  This shoot was the first time she’d decided to be photographed with her natural, gorgeous hair, to embrace her authentic self.  Yes!

Lulu shared this about our time together:

“This was my first time getting shots done with my natural hair.  But after years of straightening it, these photos by Emma made me love it for what it naturally is.  I LOVE THE PHOTOS.  Thank you so much.” 

When I asked Lulu what would be her dream life as an actor, what she’d really love to experience, her eyes lit up and she said “What I’m doing right now!”  Her enthusiasm and joy is truly infectious.

Take a peek into my colourful shoot with the wonderful Lulu Quirk,

These images are from my Actor Headshot Collection.

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