Madi Du Plessis actor headshots

Madi Du Plessis

Madi Du Plessis is an actor, writer and director based in Sydney.  Madi has an ethereal sensitivity about her, and loves playing roles in otherworldly realms.  I could sense very quickly that she’s an introvert with a rich inner life, and so we began to explore creating images with depth, authenticity and soulfulness.

One of the most common questions clients ask is “What do I wear for my headshots?!?”.  This session is a great example of how being intentional about the pieces you choose can open up so many creative possibilities.  While simple blocks colours with clean necklines will always help draw attention to your face, it’s also important to choose pieces you love to wear, that feel like you.  We can then select backdrops and locations to suit your aesthetic, and co-create something unique and special.

I learn – time and time again – that the camera sees our energy.  Yes, the micro expressions in your eyes, the details of your clothing, the quality of the light, they all play a part… but when someone truly brings their presence and authentic self to our shoot, the images move into another space altogether and communicate long before we understand why.

Madi shared these beautiful words about her headshot experience:

“I feel really lucky to have worked with Emma for my headshot session. She was gracious and patient, helping me meet myself through the emotion and vulnerability that was rising up on that particular day.

I felt so grateful when looking through the gallery she provided because I saw myself in the photos. They felt honest. I think this genuinely would not have been possible without Emma’s emotional sensitivity, technical skills and the way in which she brings this stabilising and clarifying energy into the room for you to find yourself within.

Also on a side note, the website functionality of the image gallery is top notch. With a navigable interface, the ability to create a short list, and functions to send selects to loved ones to help you narrow down your selection. Both my mum and my partner commented on how easy it was to use. 

Based on my experience from the beginning of the process to the very end, I would highly recommend Emma’s services. Her work is expressed with spirit, clarity, authenticity and wisdom. These values were exactly what I was looking for when I booked in with her, and I am grateful to say these are my headshots.

Step into the dreamy, magical world of Madi Du Plessis,

These images are from my Actor Headshot Collection.

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