Madi Du Plessis, The Glimmer Sessions Portrait Series

Madi & The Glimmer Sessions

True to its name, the inspiration for The Glimmer Sessions emerged from a little stirring in the misty subconscious of my mind…

Never Winter’s biggest fan, every year I feel myself start to brace when the colder, darker days take hold in the late Autumn.  And as I’ve grown older, I have more appreciation for and trust in the value of each season… but Winter still feels like a punish (mulled wine aside).

So I began to think about what I could this year to cultivate a sense of inner warmth, security and connection – even when the weather says otherwise.  My thoughts turned to the concept of glimmers – those small moments of joy, goodness, connection or warmth that, if we pay attention to, can nourish us in so many ways.  I wondered:

What sustains us through life’s challenges?  What do we reach for when times feel dark or cold?

My own experiences teach me that glimmers are seeds of huge potential.  If we turn our attention to those glimmers – if we consciously cultivate them – our lives can grow in new directions.  I also see this in my photography work – that the glimmers that pass in my client’s eyes show me when they’re truly connected.  What if I created a portrait series with special souls who also wanted to tap into the (sometimes unseen) elements of our lives that can nourish us, even in darkness?

As I pondered what this creative experience could look like, Madi Du Plessis floated into my mind.  I’d worked with Madi earlier this year, and she felt like someone who might delight in playing in the realm of glimmers with me.  I’m so glad she said yes, and brought her beautiful energy to our shoot.

The Glimmer Sessions Experience

Glimmers are, by their nature, faint and wavering, sometimes offering the hope and promise of something more – almost an invitation to another world?  So it felt really important to create a very calm, safe and warm space within which to create and welcome the glimmers in. We played with light and beauty in many forms, and accompanied the different sets with music, essential oils and creative visualisations.  It was so heartwarming to see it all come together.  I’m so grateful to Madi for trusting and collaborating with me.

Madi shared this about her experience with The Glimmer Sessions:

“Emma!! They are magical!!!! Thank you for the experience of working together on these – I had a lot of fun and felt so calm afterwards, I think because it was about being present and connecting. You are a creatrix! They feel very special.”


Enjoy these magical moments from The Glimmer Sessions with Madi,

Bookings for The Glimmer Sessions are now open.

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