Branding Photography for Lightworkers

New Offering: Branding for Lightworkers

I am so excited to share my newest offering: Personal Branding Photography for Lightworkers

Especially designed for the sensitive souls who know they’re here for a deep purpose, Branding Photography for Lightworkers is a unique offering to help you be of greater service, sharing your talents and energy with your world.

What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker is someone who feels called to make a positive difference to the world around them.  Souls who feel deeply, they value truth, authenticity and connection, care about other people and are sensitive to the undercurrents of life. Often empathic, intuitive and creative, they experience a world beyond the everyday, and help shine a light for others to do the same.

Lightworkers appear in many fields, including writing, performing, healing, counselling, bodywork, teaching, creative arts, hospitality, sports or business leadership.  The common thread: their talents and gifts usually involve inspiring and helping others in some way.


Penelope Simmonds branding photoshoot

Lightworkers & Marketing

Because so many lightworkers see their work as a calling – rather than a business, as such – it can feel icky to think about themselves as a “brand”.  The idea of marketing, selling or otherwise “putting themselves out there” can feel inauthentic. If you can relate, then consider this:

Marketing is sharing your message.
And in order to reach the people who will benefit from your message, they need to know you exist.

If you have a soul-led business, it’s vital that you share your story in a way that energetically aligns with who you are.  When you’re able to capture this authentically in your marketing – your website, social media content, mailing list and print materials – you, and your message, become magnetic.

When it comes to branding photography, your imagery reflects your energy.

Soulful Branding Photography for Lightworkers

I’ve always loved seeing people talking about what lights them up. They become compelling, I become enchanted, and want to capture what I’m seeing immediately!  This is the foundation of how we co-create your lightworker branding photoshoot.

We first spend time together to explore the work that you feel called to do, why you do it and how it helps your clients. Interestingly, I often find Lightworkers come to me when they are on the verge of something new – a new offering, opportunity or simply feel that it’s time to shed the old.  Together, we uncover how best to tell your story and share your message.  

Then, we build your photoshoot from the inside out, so that every image we capture is sharing something meaningful about your story.  Often this includes headshots, website images, lifestyle shots, social media content, product photos, offerings, books you love, your tools, your workspace and details of your work.   We choose the location(s) to perfectly complement your work, and co-create a session plan that feels aligned and alive to the kinds of photos you need.

On shoot day, we start by energetically clearing the space and sharing an intention-setting ritual.  From here, we step into the creative flow of our session plan, which holds us with openness, playfulness, flexibility and trust for what emerges.  It’s an amazing experience full of connection, shared stories and fun.

Then it all magically comes together when we see your gallery of soulful, radiant images for the first time.  And you know that you have   

It’s a thrill – and honour – to see lightworkers step into their new chapter feeling aligned, empowered and confident to share their light with the world.  We need you!

You can find out more about Branding for Lightworkers here.

(And a little sneaky peek of what to expect, below).

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