One of the greatest joys in my job is learning about the people I photograph: what lights them up, who and what they love, and their thoughts about life.  

Although a single photo can say so much, this journal is an opportunity to share more with you about my clients and my work.  It could be little behind the scenes moments, parts of their story or background, favourite images from the day, or aspects of their unique light that really shone through.  You’ll also find my latest news, stories and celebrations from behind the lens of Your Inner Light Photography.

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The Wildflower Sessions bookings Sydney

The Wildflower Sessions

Join me for a magical, beautiful, ethereal limited edition photographic portrait series inside The Wildflower Meadow at The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

Lulu Quirk actor headshot

Lulu Quirk

Lulu Quirk is living the dream of many actors. Growing up on the Central Coast of NSW, she began acting, dancing and singing lessons as a child and began her professional career in musical theatre a decade ago. Now based in Sydney, she’s recently appeared in Born to Spy, Barons, Just A Kid, Fly By Fun and Frayed.

Vanessa Madrid

Vanessa Madrid is a glorious mixture of grace and grit. Originally from Chile, Vanessa’s a bilingual actor, stunt performer and voice artist whose credits include Wrath, Survival of The Fittest, Bump and After She Died.

George Holahan-Cantwell headshot

George Holahan-Cantwell

When I think of the term old soul, I often think of certain children, babies, young people (sometimes animals) I’ve met along my way. They have a centred-ness about them, meet your gaze steadily. It’s like they’re enjoying the adventure of being a human who gets to try out life on Planet Earth for a while.

Personal Branding for Sarie O'Brien, women's transformation coach

Sarie O’Brien

Sarie O’Brien is a women’s transformation coach, supporting her clients to create a life aligned with their values.  Sarie’s an old soul, a writer with a deep interest in spirituality and of course, personal development.

Product shots


Explore the enchanting world of floral blooms, handmade ceramics and seasonal living, with a visit to Clovelly’s Chinaclay. While there are many things I love about creating a Personal Branding photoshoot – such as supporting small businesses and helping them shine – I also love being inspired by their creativity, energy and values.

Rachel Leigh, sacred feminine mentor

Rachel Leigh & The Luminous Path

Rachel Leigh is the founder of The Luminous Path, a heart-centred healing space on the Central Coast of NSW. Rachel is a multi-talented practitioner, offering a wealth of healing modalities to her clients including kinesiology, reiki, floral alchemy, PSYCH-K and sacred feminine mentorship.

Performer Damien Warren-Smith

Damien Warren-Smith

Damien Warren-Smith is an actor, comedian and the creator of the award-winning, and Comedy Festival favourite, Garry Starr.

MAFS Christie Jordee

Christie Jordee

Christie Jordee is in possession of an infectious energy: warm, bubbly, open and creative. Although many will know her from Married at First Sight, there’s a lot more to Christie’s story.

Simon Rice, OAM lawyer

Simon Rice, OAM

Simon Rice is a human rights lawyer, advocate, academic and researcher who works extensively in anti-discrimination law, Aboriginal land rights, law reform and social justice. He’s also a lovely guy.

Personal Branding for Creatives website images

Curiously Stitched

When Mel Horton began playing around with embroidery a few years ago, she had no idea her new hobby would lead to a new business creating sell-outs for fans around the world. Curiously Stitched was born.

Headshots & Personal Branding for Creatives, Healers & Empaths

Rajan Velu

Rajan Velu is carving a name for himself across stage and screen in Australia & overseas. In an industry as small as Australia’s – and amidst a global pandemic – that’s no small feat!