Penelope Simmonds

Penelope Simmonds is a Sydney-based physiotherapist and body psychotherapist. She loves to help her clients find joy and pleasure while creating healthier relationships.  In her work as a physiotherapist, she noticed a correlation between clients dealing with chronic pain and a decline in their sense of mental wellbeing, which led her to studying body psychotherapy so she could support her clients more holistically.


Body Psychotherapy

Many moons ago, I studied for my Psychology degree because I was fascinated by human nature, and the possibility of helping people in some way.  Instead, I found myself drowning in statistics, research design and analysis, standard deviations, sample sizes… and so many rat studies!  While research is a vital component of learning, my studies seemed a world away from actually connecting with and helping people.  In the past ten years, it’s been so exciting to see the emergence of therapies that understand the effects of trauma on the body and embrace experiential therapy as vital components of supporting mental health and healing.

Branding Photoshoot

Penelope has a beautiful warm, vibrant and humorous energy, so we just needed to capture that!  Because Penelope’s work involves movement and physical practices, we wanted to make sure the images captured the physicality in a warm, natural, light and calming way.

Thanks so much Penelope for these kind words:

“Emma was such a delight to work with. She enabled me to feel relaxed and supported allowing us to get some beautiful photos that I love and will help me with my new website.

Incredibly professional and super efficient. She brought a beautiful warmth to the photo shoot which allowed me to relax which was big for me as I hate having my photo taken and I blink a lot in photos!! The photos were gorgeous and exactly what I was after.

Would definitely recommend Emma to anyone who needs a great eye, beautiful photos and a warm and supportive environment to do it in.  Thanks again Emma, it was lovely working with you.”

Enjoy this peek into my shoot with Penelope Simmonds,

These images are from my Personal Branding for Healers offering.

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