Rachel Leigh, sacred feminine mentor

Rachel Leigh & The Luminous Path

Rachel Leigh is the founder of The Luminous Path, a heart-centred healing space on the Central Coast of NSW.  Rachel is a multi-talented practitioner, offering healing modalities including kinesiology, reiki, floral alchemy, PSYCH-K and sacred feminine mentorship.

I love working with creative, empathic souls, and was delighted to discover Rachel and I have a mutual passion in supporting our clients to share their light with the world.  Now more than ever, I think we need more heart-centred folks using their talents to make the world a brighter, more colourful and diverse place.

Rachel was the lucky winner of my recent Instagram headshot giveaway!  It took us a little while to co-ordinate our schedules, but it was absolutely worth the wait.

It was an inspiring, creative and collaborative day.  Although rain was forecast, we were blessed with a clear, sunny autumn day and made the most of the gift from the weather gods!  We created some classic studio headshots and then headed over to a little bay where the most luscious trees line a sandy path to the shore.  It truly felt like a fairytale!

It’s part of my job to make sure my clients look their best with technical aspects like camera angles and lighting, but I see time and time again that once we create an emotional connection with the camera, things unfold in their own beautiful and authentic way.  We capture moments and images we could never have consciously constructed.  I’m grateful to Rachel for trusting me to explore ideas, feelings, imagery and energy together to create these magical images.

Rachel said of our time together:

“The moment I arrived for my shoot with Emma I felt such ease, Emma has such a beautiful grounded energy, and such a talented eye for capturing the light within.  

We had such a fun time together, I was very relaxed and felt very comfortable in Emma’s presence.
Thank you for being such a gem, so much patience and care throughout! Highly Recommend.”

Wander the luminous path with Rachel Leigh,

These images are from my Headshots Collection.

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