Personal Branding for Sarie O'Brien, women's transformation coach

Sarie O’Brien

Sarie O’Brien is a women’s transformation coach, writer and old soul.  With a deep interest in spirituality and personal development, Sarie supports her clients to create a life that lights them up.

Sarie’s work blends ancient wisdom, healing tools and coaching to deal with modern-day challenges.  So we shot in a location that infuses heritage remnants with modern architectural elements, and an abundance of warm, earthy tones.

In any session, I am always looking to reflect your personal connection and energy in your photos.  The result is a suite of images that truly reflect you, including headshots, website and social media content ready to tap into at any moment.  (That’s the beauty of creating a bank of social content – never have posting panic again!).

Sarie shared these lovely words about our shoot:

There’s something very special about Emma. Em is a whip smart woman, deeply empathic and has an understanding and sensitivity that creates a magical field of creativity and connection that’s well beyond the point-and-shoot of a camera.

Em has a genuine interest in her clients and who their clients, audience, or customers are.  Emma helped me uncover the essence of what I was trying to create and, in turn, so beautifully captured the essence of my service-based business.

Emma created an environment that was so comfortable, nurturing and creative, I felt supported and guided in the entire process. Em easily creates this field of safety, connection and encouragement and her playful, curious and inquisitive nature relieved any stress I had about having my photos taken for my business.

I couldn’t recommend Emma enough for anyone who wants to capture the essence of their heartfelt work in the world.”

Spend some time with the radiant soul that is Sarie O’Brien,

These images are from my Personal Branding for Creatives, Healers & Empaths Collection.

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