Simon Rice, OAM lawyer

Simon Rice, OAM

I have such respect and admiration for people who choose to use their talents and abilities to help others, especially people who are suffering.   Simon Rice is a human rights lawyer, advocate, academic and researcher who works extensively in anti-discrimination law, Aboriginal land rights, law reform and social justice.  In 2002, Simon was awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia for legal services to the economically and socially disadvantaged.

He’s also a lovely person.

When it comes to business or corporate headshots, of course it’s important to communicate a professional manner.  But I think more important than that, is the connection you create between you and your audience or clients.  They want to know what it’s like to work with you, what makes you memorable.  When I first met Simon, I quickly got a sense of his strength, experience and wisdom.  But I also felt his warmth, humility and humanity.  I wanted his headshots to convey all of this, so we worked with a variety of backgrounds and settings to give him different options for his website, business profiles and academic work.

Enjoy this window into our time together.

These images are from my Headshots Collection.

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