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Sofan Chan & The Art of Happiness

When you step into the wonderful world of artist, poet and author Sofan Chan, it’s hard not to smile.  Sofan’s love of vibrant colour, joy and spirituality fuse into her engaging and energising art.  While I’d followed Sofan’s work for a while on social media,  it was only a few weeks ago that I finally got to meet her.

That first meeting took place during The Wildflower Sessions, and it could not have been a more perfect setting.  The colourful blooms of the wildflower meadow perfectly complimented Sofan’s own gorgeous clothes and vibrant presence.

Originally from Hong Kong, Sofan grew up visiting Buddhist temples and learning about different cultures.  After studying at The School of Art Institute in Chicago, Sofan moved to Australia and now lives on an island in the Hawkesbury, New South Wales, where she creates her pieces expressing her own inner Buddha nature in meditative flow.  She is also the creator of the Buddha Reading Cards which include many of her divine artworks accompanied by messages reflecting Buddhist teachings. 

I’m always curious about people’s creative processes, and asked Sofan how she receives inspiration for each new work.  She often feels into the energy of a piece, rather than executing pre-defined ideas and structure, and she tries to capture the feeling she is experiencing on the canvas, with her signature bright colours and flowing lines.  I wanted to capture that same joy, spontaneity and fluidity in our time together.

The Wildflower Session with Sofan Chan

We were blessed with a beautifully overcast day in the meadow, and it was like entering a sweet shop as I saw all the different fabrics, statues, tools and inspiration that Sofan brought with her to our shoot.  It was so heart-opening to collaborate in a free, warm and joyous way, and as a result our images reflect all of that and more.

Thank you to Sofan for sharing these kind words about our session together:

“Working with Emma is a joyful, playful and creative experience.  Her artistic vision is full of ease and grace, which enables the authentic self to shine through.”

Explore the art of happiness with Sofan Chan,

I am running The Wildflower Sessions again in January 2023.

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