Italiyah Wilson

Openness is such a beautiful quality in any human, but especially so in an actor. Italiyah Wilson has it in abundance.

Ryan Yeates

Ryan Yeates has been dancing, singing and acting pretty much since he was born. And while many Aussie kids grew up with The Wiggles on TV, Ryan literally grew up with The Wiggles.

Madi Du Plessis

Madi Du Plessis is an actor, writer and director, with an ethereal sensitivity and a rich inner life. Step into an otherworldly realm in our shoot today.

Vanessa Madrid

Vanessa Madrid is a glorious mixture of grace and grit. Originally from Chile, Vanessa’s a bilingual actor, stunt performer and voice artist whose credits include Wrath, Survival of The Fittest, Bump and After She Died.

George Holahan-Cantwell

George Holahan-Cantwell headshot

When I think of the term old soul, I often think of certain children, babies, young people (sometimes animals) I’ve met along my way. They have a centred-ness about them, meet your gaze steadily. It’s like they’re enjoying the adventure of being a human who gets to try out life on Planet Earth for a while.

Damien Warren-Smith

Performer Damien Warren-Smith

Damien Warren-Smith is an actor, comedian and the creator of the award-winning, and Comedy Festival favourite, Garry Starr.

Christie Jordee

MAFS Christie Jordee

Christie Jordee is in possession of an infectious energy: warm, bubbly, open and creative. Although many will know her from Married at First Sight, there’s a lot more to Christie’s story.

Rajan Velu

Headshots & Personal Branding for Creatives, Healers & Empaths

Rajan Velu is carving a name for himself across stage and screen in Australia & overseas. In an industry as small as Australia’s – and amidst a global pandemic – that’s no small feat!