“I dream of a world where singing can be heard on every street corner, where people hum lullabies to their children & gather to cradle the deceased with comforting raw laments. Where school classrooms, hospital corridors & fruit markets are filled with music. Where songs accompany every rite of passage in life, where singing is as easy as breathing!" Trish Watts

Trish Watts is a singer, Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner, singer/songwriter, community song leader and InterPlay™ Leader.  Trish travels the world working with artists, singers, cultural groups, communities and educators to help people find their authentic voice, evoke honest expression and create community connection.

Trish is warm, grounded, original and inspired.  I just knew it was going to be a special day creating together.  With a strong focus on embodiment and play in Trish’s work, we planned to capture her dynamic energy and deep connection to nature – trees, in particular – in her branding photoshoot.

Our Creative Branding Photoshoot at Observatory Hill

I have a few favourite moments from our shoot together. Nestled on a headland in Sydney’s The Rocks (Tallawoladah) area, Observatory Hill is covered in giant Moreton Bay fig trees.  The largest of these became the perfect backdrop for us, and as a misty haze descended on the harbour, we began to feel that we’d stepped into another world.

Trish began singing, speaking  and moving her body, and suddenly it was as though she was calling through time, to those who’d come before us and those yet to become.  The wind picked up and it seemed she was conducting it as though it were another member of her choir.  She somehow fused the past, present and future, summoning from the earth and releasing to the sky music that existed only in that moment.  The noise of the traffic below melted away and people stood still.  I stood torn between photographing the magic unfolding and abandoning everything to steep myself in the moment.

The Transformative Power of Music

Later, sitting in the gazebo, Trish began playing the Shruti – accompanying its strains with vocal harmonics.  The notes echoed from the gazebo roof and again, I felt tempted to just drop my camera and breathe it all in.  I noticed a personal trainer arriving with mats and dumbbells, presumably setting up for a lunchtime client.  I felt myself brace slightly, as I expected to hear the strains of his pumped up training music and vocal instruction start to pierce this magical moment.

Instead, I chose to let the living melodies continue to wash over me as I strived to capture the pure joy radiating from Trish.  When we finished our shoot, I noticed the PT was nowhere to be seen.  I assumed he’d bid a hasty retreat.  But as we turned to leave, he stepped towards us.  He said how beautiful he’d found the music and then I realised he’d given respect and space to what Trish was creating.  He gave us space to capture the magic, and for that I ams so grateful.  It was such a powerful reminder that people respond to true and authentic expression in profound ways.

Trish shared this about our time together:

“Emma is a sheer delight! She is fabulous, easy to work with… and listens for what you truly need in your shots.  I really enjoyed our photo shoot as she was so relaxed, easy going with a fabulous eye for beauty, detail and ‘feel’.  If you want creative, professional, stress-free pics taken…she’s the one!”

Enjoy these moments of freedom, joy and play with Trish Watts,

These images are from my Personal Branding for Creatives collection

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